East Texas Angus Producers

Ruby Cattle Company

Feed Sources

Genetic potential doesn't look like much without proper nutrition.  Besides getting the best forage we can, we try to keep creep feed out for our calves and supplement the nursing cows.  In addition, we feed our young bulls and heifers.  We utilize bulk commodity feeds like corn gluten pellets, wheat midds pellets and soy hull pellets.  Give us a call if you are interested in learning more about these options.

Cattle Ranching Consulting

Change; it's here and more is coming in the cattle business.  We are constantly researching, reading, testing and sharing different approaches to forage and cattle management.  We always have more questions than answers, but we have found a few things that work and don't work in East Texas.  If you are new to the business, or have been in it for generations and just looking for the best cattle software, give us a call.  We provide comprehensive consulting services to those new to the business or looking to change direction, and love to talk about cattle and forage in general.  The cattle business in East Texas is NOT a zero-sum game; we strive to improve our business AND would like to be of any assistance we can to improve yours.  For many reasons, having better ranches, better forage and better cattle in the area benefits all ranches in the area.

Custom Baling and Pasture Leases

RCC is looking for additional pasture to lease, and hay to cut.  If you have unused pasture or hayfields within 50 miles of the Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation, we would be interested in visiting with you regarding utilization of your acreage.  There are a variety of leasing structures and alternative relationships that might make sense.  A beneficial relationship would allow you to obtain or maintain your Agricultural Use Appraisal, and save significant money on property taxes.


RCC sells horse quality fertilized Coastal and Alicia Bermuda grass square bales.  We use a John Deere wire-tie square baler, which produces a full and sturdy bale for transportation.  We sell hay out of the barn all year, but you can get a slightly better price if you buy it out of the field.  We are currently selling our top quality hay for $6.50 a bale out of the barn.  For our cows, we've found we can greatly reduce our hay requirements by supplementing with feed and growing winter pasture.  However, even with the additional help, we still can go through 400 tons of hay a winter.  Needless to say, we are thankful we have a John Deere 569 (pictured below) to help us put up that much hay!


Sprigs and Stolons

RCC maintains Coastal and Alicia Bermuda grass hayfields.  We have a sprig digger, and sell Coastal sprigs in the early spring--the best time to plant Coastal.  Coastal is a standard in the world of Texas hay, but requires aggressive management and care.  Alicia is a tougher and more prolific grass, and if you'd like to try it, we recommend planting tops in May and June.  We're always happy to talk about forage, especially Bermuda grass.  Give us a call if you have any questions.  We sell sprigs for $4 per bushel; pricing on Alicia tops varies.

Land Clearing and Field Preparation

RCC owns and operates heavy equipment and can meet a variety of land clearing and dirt moving needs--especially if it's related to farm and ranch.  We have converted several hundred acres of land purchased as clear-cut timberland into pasture and hayfield.  It is a long process that starts with dozer work, leveling, disking, tillage, packing, and ends with planting and fertilization.  Please give us a call or visit