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Ruby Cattle Company

Current Sale Paper.

You are invited to review our current list of animals we have for sale.  Please call with any questions.

Replacement Heifers

RCC takes great pride in the performance and genetic composition of its commercial Angus cattle herd.  We believe our commercial heifers represent some of the most advanced Angus genetics available, and can be foundation cows for any herd.  We have for many decades focused on improving the maternal characteristics of our cows, however in addition, for many years RCC retailed its beef to individuals--which means even though we focus on maternal characteristics, we strive to have the best corresponding carcass value possible.

Registered and Commercial Bulls

We save the best of our commercial and registered bulls each year.  We sell bulls year round, at all ages, and would be happy to send you a list of what we currently have available.

Genetic Family Tree

RCC Females

Over the years, we've purchased registered cows from many different sources, from Oklahoma to Mississippi to South Dakota.  Some of the stand-out female families we've owned include Rita, Ruby, Eileen, Burgess, Allison, Erica, Blackcap, Donna and Pride (from Clark, DHR, Limestone, Riverbend, and 44 Farms).  We are principally a commercial operation and for many years we didn't register any of our calves, but we wanted purebred Angus cattle and that's what we purchased.  We always saved the best females from our best bulls, and today believe we have one of the best purebred commercial Angus herds in East Texas.

RCC Bulls

Dr. Joe always says the fastest way to improve your herd is through your bull.  When began to focus exclusively on the Angus breed thirty years ago, we bought the best Angus bulls we could find in our area.  To improve your herd based on this philosophy, however, you must always have a genetically superior bull on your cows.  So after a few years we began to look beyond our area for the best bulls we could find.  For many years we purchased bulls from the Oklahoma State Cowboy Classic, which allowed us to purchase performance tested bulls.  Some of the lines we have owned out of Oklahoma include Fame, Piga, Traveler, Impact, Schurrtop, and Consensus.  Our current top Angus bulls are Blackcap (Langford), Confirmed (44 Farms) and Generation (44 Farms).  Each have amazing EPDs, and incredible eye appeal--and should sire outstanding heifers.

RCC Heifers and Bulls