East Texas Angus Producers

Ruby Cattle Company

Like just about every ranch or farm in Texas, we were hit hard by the drought in 2011.  As part of our recovery and in an attempt to regain some of our traditional herd numbers, we've had some recent new additions.  We purchased three groups of heifers in 2014.  The first group was from the Kilgore College Angus herd, which we bred to Blackcap and calved December '14 / January '15.  We also look forward to a group of BWF heifers calving September and October '15, which are bred to a 44 Farms bull, Confirmed.  And we also completed the calving season in February '15 for a group of Angus heifers we purchased from Oklahoma that were AI bred to SAV Bismark.  We gladly welcomed a group of registered and commercial Angus from Riverbend Ranch in the spring of 2016.  Most recently, in 2017, we purchased registered Angus cows from 44 Farms.  While we have traditionally maintained a closed herd (excluding virgin bulls), we are excited about the introduction of these new females and have been thrilled with the calves they've thrown.

RCC is at core a small, family-run cow/calf operation.  We enjoy what we do and the way of life it provides, and dictates.  Instead of vanishing, we hope the small cattle ranch can make a comeback, both here in East Texas and across the nation.  To that end, we want to share our experiences and some of the resources we have found useful in our quest to stay viable.

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