Replacement Heifers

We primarily sell commercial Angus replacement heifers, both bred and open. 





We have registered and commercial Angus bulls available.



We sell fertilized Coastal and Alicia Bermuda wire-tied square bales.  




About Ruby Cattle Company

Joe B Gulley Jr., DVM & Joe B Gulley III

Cow calf producers in East Texas

Our little ranch is located in the Piney Woods of deep East Texas, hemmed in by the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation to the East and the Big Thicket National Forrest Preserve to the South.  Our herd has been in the family for four generations, with each generation carefully selecting and developing only the best characteristics for a quality beef herd.  Many of our cattle can trace their roots in Polk County back to those shepherded by Dennis Smith, father-in-law to Joe B. Gulley, Sr.  In 2005, Dr. Joe and Joe III formed Ruby Cattle Company, LLC, to carry on the family ranching business.  Through the years, each generation has increased the quality of the herd in different respects, but always with a focus on good maternal qualities.  Early in the process, we discovered the superior characteristics of the Angus breed, and have primarily developed those ever since.  We consistently strive to improve our herd, and are blessed that every year we get to say, "this is our best crop yet!"

The location of our little ranch adds to the unique quality of our replacement heifers and bulls.  We cherish our location, which allows us to utilize some of the best aspects of East Texas.  We are able to utilize many organic types of fertilizer, including chicken litter from North East Texas.  We typically have weather that permits great winter pastures, which improves the quality of the food source of our cattle--and we think their spirits!  We keep our entire herd on the rolling hills of our ranch, and when you buy a RCC heifer or bull, you're buying one that was born and raised on RCC land. 

Finally, we like to think the genetics of our cattle speak for themselves, and we invite you to come take a look!


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East Texas Angus Producers

Ruby Cattle Company

...An East Texas Angus Cattle Ranch located in the beautiful Piney Woods of Polk County. 

Bermuda Sprigs

We have Coastal sprigs available. 




Land Clearing

We can get you from a rough cleared piece of property to a pasture.  Give us a call.